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The Secret Life Of Wallabies (Video)

Yengo is a wild Swamp Wallaby from Darkinjung Land. I have seen him around my property for years, foraging in the grey myrtle rainforest and weeping grass plains. Over time, I developed his trust. Not by feeding him, or getting too close to him; but by sitting completely still. Being quiet and attentive is the best way to earn a wallaby's trust. It's only polite.

Little by little, I became more ambitious. Bringing my camera along, and even standing fully upright instead of sitting in concealed in the ferns. But always being polite. Before long I was snapping pictures away noisily with my massive 500mm lens - and Yengo didn't seem to mind at all.

Native animals have a lot to teach us. They live a secret life hidden away in the bush - and they all have their own story to tell. This video is the culmination of hours of trust building exercises, and memory cards being filled to the brim with videos documenting Yengo's life and surrounds. This Swamp Wallaby is an ecosystem engineer, who helps maintain a richly biodiverse sandstone valley.

From dispersing fungal spores to interacting with other indigenous fauna - this documentary shines a light on the Secret Life Of Yengo, and the unorthodox friendship we shared.

This is not a traditional nature documentary. There's no voiceover. No annoying music. And there's no make-believe. This is a true story from the Aussie bush, and the first in a series of many more to come.

I hope it will live long in your memory.

Filmed on Darkinjung land. Always was, always will be.

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