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Toby staring at a wombat named Wilma
Toby Davidson with a telephoto lens in his hand
Photographer, filmmaker, wombat guy
Sydney, Australia

Toby specialises in documenting wildlife and conservation. He uses photo, video, and creative storytelling to acheive real outcomes for nature. His content has:

  • Raised $93,000 for wombat conservation

  • Helped protect 17,000ha of habitat with Cassinia Environmental

  • Increased volunteers by 150% for Fern Creek Landcare

  • Increased organic followers by 2400% in 6 months

  • Created viral conservation reels seen by 36+ million globally

Toby is a one-man production crew that plans, shoots, and edits projects in their entirety. From photographing volunteers to filming remote snow leopard expeditions, he is most comfortable with a lens in hand.

If you're doing good things for nature, Toby wants to tell your story.

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