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  • 30x45cm Matte photo print
  • Each copy is signed by the photographer (me)
  • High quality recycled paper
  • 1 of 100 limited edition signed prints
  • I have this hanging in my room - it's as cool as it looks


This photo was taken on a Snow Leopard Capture Expedition:


I had never shivered so much in my entire life. My face was numb. My feet were numb. Everything was numb. We were perched high up in the Altai Mountains setting our first Snow Leopard traps - and I stood still in the freezing blizzard for just a little too long trying to take photos of the Russian Team at work.


I eventually found myself stumbling back down the mountain, towards the warmth of our Ger camp. The numbness slowly crept up legs as I hobbled along, negotiating frozen streams and snow-capped boulders. My heart was doing somersaults. It was a race against the cold.


As I finally hit the bottom of the mountain, a golden ray of sunshine pierced through the snowstorm, and I began to thaw. The feeling was indescribable. Norlan, a local Khazak Ranger, appeared just ahead of me as the white storm melted around us. With frozen but useable fingers, I managed to club the shutter button on my camera hard enough to snap this photo. 


This moment in time encapsulates the indescribable feeling of almost becoming an icicle in the Altai Mountains, on the tail of it's most elusive inhabitant: the Snow Leopard (not Norlan).

Western Sunset - Signed Print

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